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C-FASTER accompanies you by offering you a static calculation model based on your design. Materials, sections, supports and constructive types have been defined in cadwork. No need to enter this information a second time!

Our mission

As the market leader in software for professionals in the wood construction, joinery and layout, cadwork offers you ideal solutions to simplify your daily work.

Today’s high-performance tools offer you maximum precision and ease of use.

Cadwork, the partner for all your projects!

With C-FASTER, dimensioning your structures has never been faster!

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Purlins, rafters, hip joints, traditional trusses, assemblies, bracing of your wooden frames…
What you draw must be dimensioned.
The Acord-Express modules allow you to quickly, intuitively and securely process the elements drawn in 3D cadwork. Interpret, correct and print! You have your Eurocodes calculation note.

2D Structures

Because your buildings are not always symmetrical and the loading of your structures cannot be reduced to a simple loading strip, but above all because you want to verify your design without geometric constraints or limits of hypotheses.

3D Structures

The dimensioning of flat structures has its limits and the establishment of a 3D calculation model requires very often a significant amount of time.
C-FASTER, thanks to an intelligent calculation algorithm, interprets the 3D elements you have chosen to position the neutral fibers of your parts in the right planes.

Mixed materials

Wood, concrete, metal, free sections…
Ignore IT constraints!
Benefit the power and user-friendliness of Acord and cadwork to justify your construction choices.

Translation from C-FASTER to ACORD BAT 3D

Let C-FASTER translate your 3D cadwork design model into a 3D Acord-Bat calculation model.


In the pre-dimensionning or execution phase, gain in productivity and make your decisions in the light of C-FASTER!

structure dimensionning

Dedicated to the analysis of three-dimensional structures, Acord-Bat 3D opens the doors to the dimensioning of the simplest to the most complex structures (CLT, mixing, seismic, finite elements…).


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